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Himax has self-developed LCOS (Liquid-Crystal-on-Silicon) technology and provides high performance, low cost, and reflective LCOS panels for display applications. Our LCOS panels produce large image, high speed, high resolution, and beautiful monochrome or color image from an ultra small display when viewed through an appropriate optic. Highly integrated with control and display devices, Himax's LCOS panels are able to show the performance advantages and enabling features for the developing of exciting new applications of head-mount display and rear-projection.

The unique features of Himax's LCOS line products are:
  • Compact Size: All the diagonal image size of less than 0.7 inch to produce large virtual images
  • High Resolution: We provide the displays with resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, and 1280x768.
  • Bright Images: Monochrome or color displays produce beautiful images with high gray scale and colors
  • Easy to Use: Integrated circuit, drive electronics, and reference design are available for customer to reduce their design effort
  • Low Cost: Low cost per pixel display available for your system

    Application Part No. Panel size & Resolution
    Projection HX7001 0.7"/1280x768 Mono
    NTE HX7003 0.56"/688x480 Color
    HX7005 0.62"/800x600 Color
    LCOS Controller HX7801A LCOS Timing Controller

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