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Display Drivers, Timing Controllers and OPs
 - Large sized panels
 - Mobile Handset
 - Consumer Electronic
¡@ HiTouch™


Wafer Level Optics

Video and Display Technology Solutions
¡@   -  2D/3D Processor
¡@   -  High Resolution TCON
¡@   -  IP
¡@   -  ASIC
¡@ LCOS Products
¡@ CMOS Image Sensor
¡@ Power IC
¡@ Quality Policy

ASIC Design

As an expert player in media solutions, HMS has experienced ASIC team and well-developed ASIC infrastructure. In addition, with the unique 3D technology IPs and media related silicon IPs, HMS can support our customers to realize their products from specification to prototyping, evaluation system and silicon chips. HMS deliver to our customer the cost competitive and highly integration SoC/ASIC to accelerate time-to-market and achieve higher product value.

ASIC Design

Technical Value

  • HMS has solid background on video processing ASIC development.
  • HMS can provide optimize power and chip cost solution for video ASIC.

Cost Value

  • HMS has rich IP portfolio which can provide cost competitive highly integration SOC.

Schedule Value

  • Mature ASIC design flow and experience can meet customer¡¦s time to market schedule.

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