Himax provides display imaging processing technologies to consumer electronics, OA applications and automotive electronics worldwide.

Display Drivers

TVs, laptops, monitors, mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, car navigation, and many other consumer electronics devices

Microdisplay Products

LCoS microdisplay solutions for pico-projector, embedded projector in different applications (cell phone and camcorder), communication, toy projector, and head-mounted-display

Liquid Crystal Tunable Optics

Tunable optics solutions for head-mounted display, imaging, 3D sensing and adaptive eyewears

Touch Panel Controller

HiTouch products for electronic devices employing small and medium-sized touch panel screens, such as smartphones, mobile Internet devices and tablet PCs

CMOS Image Sensor

Broad array of small pixel image sensors for different camera applications including mobile devices, notebook PC, automotive and survelliance

Wafer Level Optics

Optical products manufactured using semiconductor process on wafers for camera lens in portable electronics

WiseEye™ Ultralow Power AI Sensing

Driving AI everywhere

3D Sensing

3D sensing solutions

Large Area Roll-to-Roll Nano-Microstructure Film

Focus on developing optical films to improve the viewing angle of displays in medical, industrial, automotive, consumer, business, e-paper and privacy applications.

Other Display Related Semiconductor Solutions

Timing Controller, Operational Amplifier & IC are discrete semiconductors in large-sized TFT-LCD panels